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The Caucasus is a predominantly mountainous land in the southwest of the European part of the Eurasian continent. The territory is 440 thousand square kilometers. With the watershed line of the Greater Caucasian system, the Caucasus is divided into two great parts: Northern Caucasus and Southern Caucasus. Southern Caucasus contains Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

The Caucasus is one of the oldest settlements of mankind. Mainly in Armenia, numerous habitations of the early Stone Age have been discovered. In the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE, states have formed here. From an ethnic and linguistic standpoint, the Caucasus has a complex composition. Nearly 50 ethnicities speaking in languages of 2 language families (Caucasian or Iberia-Caucasian and Indo-European) have lived here. That circumstance in its turn has determined a great diversity of cultures, habits, traditions, and national cuisines.

It has been the desire of the founders of “Caucasus” restaurant complex to evoke and appropriately present the traditions and habits of our ancestors’ hospitality engraved through centuries, the famous but forgotten delicacies and dishes of the rich, Caucasian cuisine. The secret of the inimitable taste of the delicacies and dishes here are the traditional recipes of the Caucasian cuisine, using only high-quality foodstuffs and spices.

However, being part of the service industry, “Caucasus” restaurant and hotel complex is not limited by that function. It is intended at the same time to best introduce Armenian history especially to foreign guests, reminding locals about the road travelled by their glorious, Armenian ancestors.

It is first and foremost for this reason that “Caucasus” restaurant complex consists of sumptuous halls bearing the names of four, Armenian royal dynasties. Each hall expresses the spirit of its time period and is decorated with paintings and murals depicting the given era. With the goal of creating a harmonious atmosphere and design, only natural construction materials have been used: stone, boulder, brick, clay, iron, wood, canvas, bamboo, and straw. The chandeliers, lamps, balusters, even the doorknobs are the work of a smith.

It may be said that “Caucasus” is a little story. A colorful and interesting story about the Armenian type, creative spirit, lifestyle, glorious culture, military art, and crafts.

"Caucasus" restaurant complex consists of four halls named after four generations : Yervandooni (60 sits), Artashesyans (330 sits), Arshakooni (530 sits), Bagratooni (280 sits), as well as open and closed separate salons, where you can taste dainty dishes of Caucasian cuisine.It’s worth mentioning that each hall reveals the spirit of it’s century and is designed by the pictures and murals of it’s decade. For creating a suitable spirit and a colorite only natural construction materials are used: stone, cane, brick, clay, iron, wood,canvas,cane and thatch. The torches, lamps, bars and even crowbars and handles are made by hammersmith. And the secret of tasty dishes in Caucasus Complex is simple. Professional cooks preparing dishes by the traditional Caucasus kitchen recipes.

Every day starting from 19:00 you can enjoy Caucasus band music and dance.



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