“Caucasus” boutique – hotel is also within the circle of the fruition of the ideological and aesthetic goals of the founders. The hotel complex is first and foremost intended to objectify the centuries-old traditions of the hospitality of Caucasian peoples, particularly the Armenian people. Besides that, it also has a familiarizing function and is not just a place to be. Being surrounded with the dedicated symbols of the Armenian people, with Mount Ararat and Aragats, the hotel complex, especially for foreign guests, immediately creates a holistic understanding of Armenia, from an ideological standpoint. The 46 rooms constructed in a boutique style, symbolize Armenia with their details, the entire palette of furnishings, design, and used materials. It is enough to say that as in the case of the restaurant complex, here, too, only natural construction materials have been used: stone, boulder, brick, clay, iron, wood, canvas, bamboo, straw, and natural leather. The chandeliers, lamps, balusters, even the doorknobs are the work of a smith. As a matter of fact, exclusively Armenian stone has been used. And the bar-café bearing the name of Rubinians promotes more meaningful interactions.

The “standard,” “deluxe,” and “luxе” presidential rooms of “Caucasus” boutique-hotel guarantee full-fledged and unforgettable rest with their comfortableness, splendor, and the magnificent view from the window. The swimming pool, fitness and massage rooms make your free time more productive and diverse. While the meeting hall equipped with luxurious and modern amenities is ready to accommodate discussions, conferences, and meetings of a business, scientific, and other format.


Yerevan,Ashtarak highway
+374 60 50 11 77